Oral Systemic Dental Coaching

Integrative Dental Coaching

Integrative dentistry considers the whole person, and all of their connected systems, to diagnose and treat issues in the mouth, teeth, and gums. With this oral systemic approach, you can move from reactive care to preventative care. By utilizing simple to use assessments and protocols, you can efficiently diagnose, treat, and confidently explain the correlation of mouth health to whole body health, to your patients. Integrative Dental Coaching with Machell Hudson will help you leverage the time with your patients and elevate the dental team.

What is included?

Personalized, in-office and virtual coaching.

Learn actionable steps to easily implement oral systemic screenings into your hygiene routine, including patient acceptance, examining results, and developing effective treatment plans.

Patient communication resources - physical and digital materials.

Confident patient communication.

Collaborate with medical professionals to establish co-referral relationships.

Establish a more financially productive practice.