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Integrative Dental Coaching
for Your Practice

Machell Hudson, RDH, FAAOSH

Who Are We?

Dental coaching company helping dental offices implement protocols and best practices for overall patient health.

Experience practicing oral systemic health for 20 years.

Machell Hudson personally implemented these protocols for multiple years of excellent patient feedback and top 10% hygiene production in a large DSO.

Every dental office we support has grown both clinically through hygiene and overall production.

Oral Systemic Health drawing

What Do We Do?

Train the dental team on risk factors (implementing the P4 Method) - translating the connection to oral and patient health.

Partner with the team virtually (after in-office coaching), ensuring questions are answered and patient benefits are being realized.

Hands-on-training of best practices for patient communication, reviewing patient assessments, and care options.

Machell Hudson, RDH, FAAOSH speaking

How Are We Different?

Training is performed live and in-office with a coach who has personal experience implementing the protocols.


Hygiene team is coached where they are. Fundamentals for offices lacking protocols as well as advanced integrative dental coaching to be the leaders in oral systemic connection and patient care.


Elevate the hygiene teams’ love for their profession and passion for helping their patients.


Machell was named 2021 Most inspirational Hygiene Educator (Dr Bicuspid)

Health Coaching Our Patients to Healthy, the Integrative RDH Way

•Help patients discover the “why”

•Empower patients to own the responsibility for their health state while teaching them how to become the expert in understanding how to care for their body in a healthy way(We guide them along the journey as they discover how to take ownership in their health)

•We help identify disease, including any challenges and patients are actively involved in a participatory manner, we involve them by utilizing assessments that allow for better communication and we listen without interrupting•We meet them where they are at and provide honesty, compassion, solutions and accountability

•We use our education and clinical experience in helping navigate towards successful outcomes

•Collaborating with other healthcare providers is also recommended

The Solution

We are committed to your overall performance. Although the economic results will vary from organization to organization. All of our clients have experienced progress and growth.


up to 50% hygiene

production growth


up to 35% overall

production growth


What Is Included?

In-Office Observation


In-Office training with the entire dental team


Hands-on-training materials (including Hygiene Consulting Workbooks and A patient’s Guide to Oral Systemic Connections Patient Education Book)


Virtual follow up meetings to ensure questions are answered and patient benefits are being realized

Contact Us to Learn More and Get Started

"Machell works to position herself on the cutting edge of the constantly evolving body of knowledge supporting the oral systemic connection. In addition to her mastery of the latest science, research and technologies, She also applies this knowledge with the highest level of expertise in the clinical setting.  I had the pleasure of working alongside Machell for several years. Her generosity of spirit and kindness towards everyone she encounters truly sets her apart.  Machell has a genuine love for helping others which she applies towards sharing her incredible knowledge.  You cannot go wrong!"

Cynthia M Knight, DDS

Dentist in Granbury, TX

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