Health focused dental coaching

Health focused, passionate, integrative dental coaching.

Elevate the dental team and feel confident in your oral systemic practice.

Personalized, in-person coaching to implement oral systemic protocols.

Learn actionable steps to easily implement into your hygiene routine.

Confident patient communciation.

Increase the health of

your patients.

Collaborate with medical professionals.

Establish a more financially productive practice.

Jeff Buske, DDS

Fort Worth, TX

Chris Kammer, DDS

"Machell works to position herself on the cutting edge of the constantly evolving body of knowledge supporting the oral systemic connection. In addition to her mastery of the latest science, research and technologies, She also applies this knowledge with the highest level of expertise in the clinical setting.  I had the pleasure of working alongside Machell for several years. Her generosity of spirit and kindness towards everyone she encounters truly sets her apart.  Machell has a genuine love for helping others which she applies towards sharing her incredible knowledge.  You cannot go wrong!"

Cynthia M Knight, DDS

Dentist in Granbury, TX

Founder of AAOSH

Madison, WI