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Machell Hudson is a speaker and host for both live and virtual events. She speaks on the oral systemic connection, educating dental hygienists in prevention and risk factors, the connection between oral health and cardiovascular health, and healthcare’s role in Human Trafficking awareness. She is also a regular host on Reflection Health Podcast, Time to Live Podcast, and American Academy for Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH) live and virtual Hot Topics events.

Upcoming Events

  • CE Zoom (February 2021)

  • Today's RDH (February 2021)

  • P&G Sponsored Events (March, April 2021)

  • CariFree Co-Op (April 2021)

  • ADHA Annual Session (June 2021)

Speaking Topics and Details

Don’t Let The Health of Your Mouth Break Your Heart

In the United States heart attack is the number one cause of death, while stroke is the number one most debilitating. A lesser-known fact is the important correlation shared between oral health and heart health. By understanding the role oral disease plays in the causation of heart attack and stroke, dental professionals are better equipped to promote patient heart health, and ultimately, save lives. Learn the leading evidenced based research connecting oral pathogens to heart disease. Gain a better understanding of the cutting-edge protocols including innovative testing to better diagnose, treat and educate your patients. Get excited about learning how to incorporate practical applications supported by research to treat your patients at risk for heart disease.  Most importantly get ready to be wowed as you learn the important role the dental team plays in preventing and treating heart attack and stroke. 

Learning Objectives

  • Oral pathogens and heart health

  • Physiologic(airway) and heart health 

  • Diabetes and heart health

  • High blood pressure and heart health

  • Inflammatory testing and heart health

  • Collaboration is key

Don’t Let The Health of Your Mouth Break Your Heart

Dentistry’s Power House Play In Whole Body Health

If 2020 has taught us anything it has taught us that whole body health is crucial when fighting foreign invaders that attack our bodies. We have also learned over recent years that oral health plays a key role in ensuring a strong immune system. Dive in and learn how progressive dental practices are educating and treating not only oral disease but systemic disease; specifically metabolic syndrome. Empower your teams and your patients by learning how periodontal disease plays a role in: 

  • Heart health

  • Diabetes

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Obesity

Dentistry’s Power House Play In Whole Body Health

Putting out The Fire, Dentistry’s Role in Inflammatory Disease

At some point (hopefully) all dentists and hygienists ask themselves, “Is this all there is… restoring tooth after tooth and prophy after prophy, after bloody prophy?!!” If you are fedup watching disease progress, falling into never-ending pockets, and encountering constant resistance from your patients, this course if for you. 
   If your frontline detection of periodontal disease is a probe and radiographs, hygienists and doctors, yours is restoring one tooth at a time;this course will blow your mind! Finally, the technology hygienists deserve is affordable and easy to implement. Discover how microscopes, lasers and other advanced testing can innovate your care. Educate patients on how to improve oral health through learning how to determine risk factors, educated patients on how the mouth is connected to the body to help instill value and lastly successfully putting it all together which leads to a more enriching career. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Periodontal disease and its role in systemic inflammation 

  • Caries and its role in systemic inflammation

  • Function and physiologic and its role in systemic inflammation

  • Testing and technology 

  • Putting it all together

Putting out The Fire, Dentistry’s Role in Inflammatory Disease

Identifying and Responding to Victims of Human Trafficking in the Clinical Setting

January 2019 I entered the Dominican Republic (DR) to participate in a dental mission with so much excitement, love, and eagerness to help care for the Dominican peoples healthcare needs but sadly my entire world was instantly changed when I witnessed human trafficking for the first time. Not being a crime in the DR, it is not often not a fear to have this horrendous crime hidden. Given an opportunity to spend time with survivors I felt a new purpose flood my heart. Little did I know that trafficking was just as rampant in my own country and happening right before my eyes. I just didn’t understand how to look for it. You will too be halted and crushed to learn the prevalence in our country. In a survivor focused survey, an astouding 87.8% of sex trafficking survivors saw a healthcare provider while being trafficked. Most were not identified as victims. This crushes my heart and has set my heart and passion on fire to spread awareness, in hopes of helping to end this horrific crime. We have to do better as healthcare providers. This presentation has been created by leading experts that are dedicated to being the generation to end human trafficking. Learn how you as a healthcare provider can be equipped to address this issue most likely not if but when your office is faced with this scary and heartbreaking situation. The following will be covered in this course:

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand different types of human trafficking and their local, statewide and international prevalence.

  • Identify potential signs of human trafficking in victims who present for care in a medical setting.

  • Understand who should participate I a multidisciplinary care model for victim identification and recovery.

  • Discover immediate healthcare needs of identified victims.

  • Develop their basic ability for trauma-informed response.

  • Learn about available resources for victim service aftercare. 

Identifying and Responding to Victims of Human Trafficking in the Clinical Setting

Past Events

Private and in-office coaching not listed

  • Today’s RDH speaking event (October 2020, February 2021) 

  • Pacific Dental (January 2021)

  • AAOSH’s Hot Topics in Oral Systemic Health Co-Host (February 2019, 2020, 2021)

  • San Antonio Annual ADHA Meeting (January 2019)

  • P&G private events (November 2020, December 2020)

  • Omega Seminars (January 2019, November 2019, October 2020)

  • Greater Fort Worth ADHA (October 2020)

  • Nebraska’s Annual Dental Hygiene’s Association Meeting (April 2019, 2020)

  • CariFree Co-op (April 2020)

  • AAOSH “Productive Hygiene and Whole Body Health (February 2020)

  • Tunica Extravaganza (May 2019)

  • Houston ADHA Annual Session (October 2019)

  • Productive Dentist Academy Presents “Making Connections Mouth, Body and Mind” (January 2019)

  • Productive Dentist Academy Presents  “Productive Hygiene”- how to run a successful and productive and health centered hygiene department (August 2018)