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Integrative Dental Coaching for DSOs

We offer continuing education credit for an additional fee - please inquire for more information.

The Solution

We are committed to your overall performance. Although the economic results will vary from organization to organization. All of our clients have experienced progress and growth.


up to 50% hygiene

production growth


up to 35% overall

production growth

The Challenge in Group Dentistry

Most clinicians chose dentistry not only as a financially strong career choice but as a way to have an altruistic impact on their communities.


Dental clinicians stereotype the DSO/group organization as business focused and cold when it comes to patient care.


Implementation of clinical systems and protocols represent the core of a scalable approach to growing your group organization.


The challenge with implementing scalable protocols is the lack of the “Heart” in dentistry and empathetically connecting patient care to the business of dentistry. When not done well, DSOs run the risk of creating a chasm between the clinical and business teams.


Optimal team performance is built on trust, role clarity and commitment to an aligned purpose.

What Do We Do?

We believe our dental teams are “Created for a Purpose”

We develop clinical teams on the “heart” of dentistry with an empathetic and emotionally intelligent connection to the business of dentistry

We align the business and clinical teams to their purpose and grow the collaborative relationship.

We teach the business teams how to facilitate and co-lead clinical team growth.

Machell Hudson, RDH, FAAOSH

Who Are We?

Dental coaching company helping dental offices implement protocols and best practices for overall patient health.


Experience practicing oral systemic health for 20 years.


Machell Hudson personally implemented these protocols for multiple years of excellent patient feedback and top 10% hygiene production in a large DSO.


Every dental office we support has grown both clinically through hygiene and overall production.

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