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"I can’t speak enough to how much Machell has shaped our hygiene program. I have been following her for years, and this year was finally able to have her come and do live training with my team. Machelle genuinely cares about people and has a passion for making a difference in the world. I am so thankful for her mentorship and knowledge that she openly shares with dental teams!"

-Dr. Joseph Blalock

"Machell works to position herself on the cutting edge of the constantly-evolving body of knowledge supporting the oral systemic connection. In addition to her mastery of the latest science, research and technologies, she also applies this knowledge with the highest level of expertise in the clinical setting. I had the pleasure of working alongside Machell for several years. Her generosity of spirit and kindness towards everyone she encounters truly set her apart. Machell has a genuine love for helping others, which she applies towards sharing her incredible knowledge. You cannot go wrong!"

Cynthia M Knight, DDS
Dentist in Granbury, TX

"Machell Hudson lit a fire in me that changed my whole outlook on dental hygiene, not to mention helping me find my reason why dental hygiene is my profession. Machell’s passion and love for helping her patients radiates from within her. Her passion is so contagious that you want to learn more from her. I will forever be grateful that Machell came into my life when I needed her the most. Her enthusiasm and kindness to educate with grace changed my entire outlook on hygiene. It finally clicked that we can be so much more if we simply just choose to be. I love hygiene but my passion and “finding my why” needed some work which was apparent after meeting her. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Machell and it has changed me forever. She lit a fire in me that I had no idea was there. She instilled this new love for hygiene and my desire to educate myself, so I could in return educate my patients with more love and compassion."

-Michelle Mahlke, RDH
Spring Creek, NV

"Machell Hudson is a positive force in the dental community. Her determination to make sense of the oral systemic connection has become her life's work. She is armed with the belief and the knowledge to fire up the dental and medical profession, making a difference in how we diagnose and treat our patients and ourselves. I adore Machell Hudson!"

-Anne Duffy, RDH
Editor and Publisher of Dental Entrepreneur Magazine and DeW Life Magazine

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